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Stanford Law School Photograph Collection

Series Description:

Series Title: Communications Department Photographs
Inclusive Dates: c. 1984-1994.  

Access Restrictions: None
Reproduction Restriction:
Reproduction is unrestricted, but permission is needed before using in publications.

This accession consist of photographs from Stanford Law School’s Communications Department. The photographs were taken and used for publications such as Stanford Law School Photo directory, Stanford Lawyer, and special press releases. Photograph depict Stanford Law School activities including limited to Student Organizations, Alumni/ae Weekend, Commencement, and Faculty. There is an item level index available upon request.

Extent: 6.26 linear feet (Textual)
       Box 1: GS-SU-07-05-03
       Box 2-7: GS-SU-07-05-04
       Box 8-14  GS-SU-07-05-05
       Box 15: GS-SU-07-06-01

Identifier: 2002-1001
Accession Number: 2002-SLS-001  


Box List

Box 1

2002-1001.f001 - Dean’s Bar Break 
2002-1001.f002 - DC Law Reception
2002-1001.f003 - Commencement
2002-1001.f004 - Pasadena Courthouse Reception
2002-1001.f005 - Law School Musical
2002-1001.f006 - Board of Visitors
2002-1001.f007 - Rehearsal
2002-1001.f008- 1969 Reunion
2002-1001.f009 - San Francisco Law Society 
2002-1001.f010 - Hotel Intercontinental
2002-1001.f011 - Native American Law Student Association (NALSA) Shoot
2002-1001.f012 - Gould Swearing-In
2002-1001.f013 - Session 7. Advanced Topics in Corporate Law and Securities Regulations; Stephen Gladfelter
2002-1001.f014 - Bingaman Visit
2002-1001.f015 - Munger / Lazier Dinner
2002-1001.f016 - Women Lawyer Meeting; Puerto Rico Moot Court
2002-1001.f017 - Howe / Phleger
2002-1001.f018 - San Francisco Law Society 
2002-1001.f019 - DC Law Society
2002-1001.f020 - Nussbaum / M Wijtman (VAS)
2002-1001.f021 - Los Angeles Law Society
2002-1001.f022 - Firm Info Exchange
2002-1001.f023 - Baxter Dinner

Box 2

2002-1001.f024 - Alumni Weekend
2002-1001.f025 - Fun in the Sun Orientation 
2002-1001.f026 - ABA Contacts
2002-1001.f027 - Hollywood Bowl
2002-1001.f028 - Bar Break; Bar Coding Workers
2002-1001.f029 - Washington DC Summer Associates Event
2002-1001.f030 - Tools for Executive Talk
2002-1001.f031 - 1993 Graduation
2002-1001.f032 - Board of Visitors
2002-1001.f033 - Class of 1968 Reunion
2002-1001.f034 - 1993 Law School Musical Dress Rehearsal
2002-1001.f035 - New York Recent Grads Reception
2002-1001.f036 - Thurgood Marshall Tribute
2002-1001.f037 - Public Service Conference, Panel and Reception
2002-1001.f038 - Northern District Round Table
2002-1001.f039 - Scalia Shoot, Federalists Lecture
2002-1001.f040 - Alumni/ae Weekend
2002-1001.f041 - Orientation Picnic 

Box 3

2002-1001.f042 - Alumni/ae Weekend
2002-1001.f043 - ABA Reception
2002-1001.f044 - San Francisco Law Society Reception for New Students
2002-1001.f045 - Bar Studies Lunch
2002-1001.f046 - Graduation 1992
2002-1001.f047 - Gorbachev, Phleger Lecture
2002-1001.f048 - Moot Court
2002-1001.f049 - Board of Visitors
2002-1001.f050 - Law School Musical
2002-1001.f051 - Kaplan Endowment and Reception
2002-1001.f052 - Casey Cooper Reception
2002-1001.f053 - Environment and National Resources Advisory Council Meeting
2002-1001.f054 - Los Angeles Judges Panel
2002-1001.f055 - DC Mexican Embassy
2002-1001.f056 - Classroom Photo Session
2002-1001.f057 - Meyers Chair Banquet

Box 4

2002-1001.f058 - Public Interest Law Career Conference 
2002-1001.f059 - California State Bar 1991 
2002-1001.f060 - Orientation 1991
2002-1001.f061 - Alumni/ae Weekend
2002-1001.f062 -  ABA Atlanta Reception 
2002-1001.f063 - San Francisco New Student reception
2002-1001.f064 - Bar Studies Lunch
2002-1001.f065 - Commencement
2002-1001.f066 - Baseball
2002-1001.f067 - Board of Visitors; Moot Court 
2002-1001.f068 - Ramaphosa, ANC Visitor
2002-1001.f069 - Supreme Court Clerks
2002-1001.f070 - Law School Spring Banquet [Note: Negatives can be found in flat files]
2002-1001.f071 - Environmental and Natural Resources Advisory Council Meeting
2002-1001.f072 - Law and Business Meeting
2002-1001.f073 - San Francisco Law Society
2002-1001.f074 - Los Angeles Law Society
2002-1001.f075 - East Palo Alto Community Law Clinic (EPACLP)
2002-1001.f076 - New York City
2002-1001.f077 - Kaplan Night
2002-1001.f078 - Alumni/ae weekend

Box 5

2002-1001.f079 - Faculty/Staff Picnic
2002-1001.f080 - Taper Center BBQ, Orientation
2002-1001.f081 - California Bar Association Meeting, Monterey
2002-1001.f082 -  No details available
2002-1001.f083 - ABA Chicago 1990
2002-1001.f084 - Dean’s Bar Break Luncheon
2002-1001.f085 - San Francisco Law Society
2002-1001.f086 - Commencement, Law School Graduation
2002-1001.f087 - Hing Reception
2002-1001.f088 - Board of Visitors 1990
2002-1001.f089 - Softball; Musical
2002-1001.f090 - Classroom Photo Sessions; Michelman / Kaplan Lecture
2002-1001.f091 - Chancellor Allen, Banquet
2002-1001.f092 - Law Review Banquet, Thornburgh
2002-1001.f093 - San Francisco Law Society Luncheon
2002-1001.f094 - Los Angeles Law Society Event

Box 6

2002-1001.f095 - Trudeau, Ralston Prize
2002-1001.f096 - Furniture Shoot
2002-1001.f097 - Munger Shoot
2002-1001.f098 - Law and Policy Review Group Shot
2002-1001.f099  - Alumni/ae Weekend
2002-1001.f100 - Supreme Court Clerks
2002-1001.f101 - Earthquake Photos
2002-1001.f102 - Law Association BBQ
2002-1001.f103 - Law School General Shoot
2002-1001.f104 - Ralston Lectures, Arias
2002-1001.f105 - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
2002-1001.f106 - California Bar Meeting, San Diego
2002-1001.f107 - ABA Meeting, Hawaii
2002-1001.f108 - Dean’s Bar Break Luncheon
2002-1001.f109 - Commencement 1989
2002-1001.f110 - Classroom Photos
2002-1001.f111 - Circus
2002-1001.f112 - 1989 Spring Musical

Box 7

2002-1001.f113 - Board of Visitors; Moot Court
2002-1001.f114 - Softball
2002-1001.f115 - Phleger Lecture
2002-1001.f116 - Law Society of Southern California
2002-1001.f117 - Alumni/ae Weekend
2002-1001.f118 - California Bar Association Monterey
2002-1001.f119 - Dean’s picnic
2002-1001.f120 - Sandra Roberts
2002-1001.f121 - Orientation Breakfast
2002-1001.f122 - ABA Annual Meeting, Reception, Toronto
2002-1001.f123 - Dean’s Lunch for SLS Grads Studying for the California Bar
2002-1001.f124 - ALI-ABA Conference on Securities
2002-1001.f125 - Case

Box 8

2002-1001.f126 - Commencement 1988
2002-1001.f127 - Stanford in Washington Dedication
2002-1001.f128 - Last Day of Class Photos
2002-1001.f129 - Moot Court
2002-1001.f130 - Board of Visitors 1/3
2002-1001.f131 - Board of Visitors 2/3
2002-1001.f132 - Board of Visitors 3/3
2002-1001.f133 - Olin Program Inauguration
2002-1001.f134 - Cinco De Mayo
2002-1001.f135 - Seattle Alumni Gathering

Box 9

2002-1001.f136 - Portland Reception
2002-1001.f137 - 1988 Student Events for 1988-89 Photo Directory Cover: -1988 Faculty/Staff Softball Game; Sally Dickson Reception; Donor Thank You Night; Trot to Zott’s; Law Student Talent Show
2002-1001.f138 - Faculty/Staff Softball Game
2002-1001.f139 - Sally Dickson Reception
2002-1001.f140 - Donor Thank You Night
2002-1001.f141- Trot to Zott’s
2002-1001.f142 - Law Student Talent Show
2002-1001.f143 - 1987 Alumni Weekend, Saturday Events
2002-1001.f144 - Stanford Law Association (SLA) Reception For Brest, San Francisco, New York, Costa Mesa
2002-1001.f145 - Alumni Weekend Reunion Parties
2002-1001.f146 - SLS Picnic
2002-1001.f147 - California State Bar Meeting, Los Angeles
2002-1001.f148 - 1987 Orientation
2002-1001.f149 - Law Review Orientation
2002-1001.f150 - San Francisco / Marin Stanford Women Law Reception
2002-1001.f151 - ABA Annual Meeting

Box 10

2002-1001.f152 - Margo Smith Farewell Party
2002-1001.f153 - Taper Center Dedication
2002-1001.f154 - Commencement 1987
2002-1001.f155 - Board of Visitors 1987 [Folder 1 of 2 ]

Box 11

2002-1001.f156 - Board of Visitors 1987 [folder 2 of 2]
2002-1001.f157 - WSL Staff Reception
2002-1001.f158 - Third Year Party; End of Year Picnic; Spring Musical 1987
2002-1001.f159 - Phleger Lecture, Judge Leon A. Higginbotham
2002-1001.f160 - Dean’s Barbeque
2002-1001.f161 - 1987 Ralston Lecture, Jimmy Carter; Press Conference; Student Q & A; Address
2002-1001.f162 - 1987 Ralston Lecture, Jimmy Carter, Hoover House Reception
2002-1001.f163 - Dress for Mediocrity
2002-1001.f164 - East Palo Alto Community Law Clinic (EPACLP)
2002-1001.f165 - Talent Show
2002-1001.f166 - T. Grey’s Class; Law fund Phone-a-thon; Sergeants-at Law Trial
2002-1001.f167 - Law School Staff Parties

Box 12

2002-1001.f168 - Alumni/ae Weekend [Folder 1 of 2]
2002-1001.f169 - Alumni/ae Weekend [Folder 2 of 2]
2002-1001.f170 - Faculty/Staff Softball Game; SPILF Meeting; Student Tailgate
2002-1001.f171 - Law School Artwork/Merryman
2002-1001.f172 - San Francisco Law Society Student/Alumni; State Bar Meeting Luncheon
2002-1001.f173 - Commencement 1986
2002-1001.f174 - Board of Visitors Meeting 1986 [Folder 1 of 2]

Box 13

2002-1001.f175 - Board of Visitors Meeting 1986 [Folder 2 of 2]; Katzenbach Talk
2002-1001.f176 - Law Review Banquet; Kirkwood Finals
2002-1001.f177 - Women of Stanford Law (WSL) Reception for Female Staff; Women of Stanford Law (WSL) Reception for Female Faculty
2002-1001.f178 - East Palo Alto Community Law Clinic (EPACLP)
2002-1001.f179 - S. Huch and E. Lucchesi; Crothers Group Shot
2002-1001.f180 - B. Sterling’52; Courtyard Scene
2002-1001.f181 - East Palo Alto Community Law Clinic (EPACLP)
2002-1001.f182 - P. Gale 20th Anniversary; Professor Hing’s Immigration Class
2002-1001.f183 - Crothers Reception to Meet the Deans
2002-1001.f184 - 1986-1987 Photo Directory, Students and Staff (1/2)
2002-1001.f185 - 1986-1987 Photo Directory, Students and Staff (2/2)
2002-1001.f186 - SLATA Conference; Federalist Society Symposium
2002-1001.f187 - Law Association Holiday Party
2002-1001.f188 - Stanford Law Review v. California Law Review

Box 14

2002-1001.f189 - NLRA After 50 Years
2002-1001.f190 - State Bar Meeting, San Diego
2002-1001.f191 - John Hart Ely Staff Reception
2002-1001.f192 - Alumni Weekend
2002-1001.f193 - H. Williams; L. Albright; R. West
2002-1001.f194 - H. Williams Chair
2002-1001.f195 - Commencement 1985
2002-1001.f196 - Faculty/Staff Picnic
2002-1001.f197 - Board of Visitors [Folder 1 of 2]
2002-1001.f198 - Board of Visitors [Folder 1 of 2], Moot Court 
2002-1001.f199 - Women of Stanford Law Reception
2002-1001.f200 - My Fair Lawyer
2002-1001.f201 - Stanford Law Review Banquet; Cinco de Mayo
2002-1001.f202 - Gloria Pyszka’s Going Away Party; Clinical Teaching; Trot to Zott’s
2002-1001.f203 - Lopez Welcome Party
2002-1001.f204 - Dinkelspiel; Computers in Law Seminar
2002-1001.f205 - Koh Lectures
2002-1001.f206 - Registration
2002-1001.f207 - SLS Play: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
2002-1001.f208  - John Hart Ely Birthday Party
2002-1001.f209 - Alumni/ae Weekend [Folder 1 of 2]
2002-1001.f210 - Alumni/ae Weekend [Folder 2 of 2]