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Stanford Law School Photograph Collection

Series Description:

Series Title: Communications Department Photographs Events,
Inclines Dates: 1999-2002

This series consist of photographs of events related to Stanford Law School that has taken place during the years of 1999-2002.  Events include but not limited to Conferences, Students’ Events, and Alumni gatherings.  The first two folder contain general details of the event, such as a brief synopsis, date, and details regarding who is in attendances.  This series is arranged by chronological order.  There is an item level index available upon request.

Extent: 1.67 Liner Feet 
       Box 1-3: GS-SU-07-06-04
       Box 4: GS-SU-07-06-05

Identifier Number: 2005-1006
Accession Number:  2005-SLS-006


Box and Folder List:

Box 1

2005-1006.f001 - Event Photo records[1/2]
2005-1006.f002 - Event Photo records[1/2]
2005-1006.f003 - AALS New Orleans Breakfast with Deborah Rhode
2005-1006.f004 - Los Angeles Stanford Law School and Graduate School of Business reception
2005-1006.f005 - Book Covers for Lawyer #54
2005-1006.f006 - San Diego Law Society planning meeting
2005-1006.f007 - Battle of the Brains
2005-1006.f008 - SPILF Auction
2005-1006.f009 - DC Celebration '99
2005-1006.f010 - DC Government Service Breakfast
2005-1006.f011 - Photo Shoot for Lawyer #54 Cover
2005-1006.f012 - Shaking the Foundations, David Mills reception
2005-1006.f013 - Shaking the Foundations, Ralph Nader
2005-1006.f014 - Los Angeles Law Society luncheon
2005-1006.f015 - Silicon Valley Law Society Lecture
2005-1006.f016 - Directors’ College
2005-1006.f017 - San Francisco Law Society Reception at Cloud Restaurant
2005-1006.f018 - Executive Education: The Copyright Office Comes to Stanford
2005-1006.f019 - U.S. Court of Appeals Judges Reception
2005-1006.f020 - Building Community Day
2005-1006.f021 - Boston Admit Reception
2005-1006.f022 - New York Admit Reception
2005-1006.f023 - San Francisco Law Society with Deborah Rhode
2005-1006.f024 - DC Admit Reception
2005-1006.f025 - Musical Dress Rehearsal
2005-1006.f026 - George Schultz
2005-1006.f027 - Dean's Strategic Council meeting, 3L Reception
2005-1006.f028 - Board of Visitors, Women's Initiative luncheon
2005-1006.f029 - Moot Court finals
2005-1006.f030 - Photo shoot for Lawyer #55: Clerk & fellows
2005-1006.f031 - Dean's reception for Law Graduates [no photos]
2005-1006.f032 - Law School Commencement
2005-1006.f033 - Chicago Law Society Luncheon with Pam Karlan
2005-1006.f034 - University Commencement [Class of 1999 photo]
2005-1006.f035 - Silicon Valley Law Society reception

Box 2

2005-1006.f036 - San Francisco Law Society summer associates reception
2005-1006.f037 - New York Law Society summer associates reception at the Whitney
2005-1006.f038 - Los Angeles Law Society summer associates reception
2005-1006.f039 - Washington Law Society summer associates reception
2005-1006.f040 - Reception at Freidenrich's for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f041 - 1L Orientation
2005-1006.f042 - Alumni Weekend, Celebration '99
2005-1006.f043 -  Alumni Weekend, Celebration '99
2005-1006.f044 - Celebration '99, Grey Davis
2005-1006.f045 - Alumni Weekend, Classes Without Quizzes
2005-1006.f046 - Celebration '99 Reunion Dinners
2005-1006.f047 - Alumni Weekend Gala Dinner
2005-1006.f048 - DC Women's Initiative wine and cheese – Photography cancelled [folder empty]
2005-1006.f049 - “Sex, Lies and Politics,” New York – Photography cancelled [folder empty]
2005-1006.f050 - San Francisco Reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f051 - Los Angeles Reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f052 - Swearing in Ceremony
2005-1006.f053 - Kate Johnson Luncheon
2005-1006.f054 - Dinner at Museum Prior to Cyberspace Conference
2005-1006.f055  - Cyberspace & Privacy Conference
2005-1006.f056 - SPILF Auction
2005-1006.f057 - Shaking the Foundations
2005-1006.f058 - Saunders Professorship Reception/Dinner, Honolulu
2005-1006.f059 - Board of Visitors
2005-1006.f060 - DC Rollout Reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f061 - New York rollout reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f062 - Boston rollout reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f063 - Executive Education: FDA Comes to Stanford
2005-1006.f064 - Executive Education: PTO conference
2005-1006.f065 - Moot court competition
2005-1006.f066 - Dean's Reception for Class of 2000
2005-1006.f067 - Law School graduation
2005-1006.f068 - David Martin Lecture

Box 3

2005-1006.f069 - Greenberg's seminar in international conflict
2005-1006.f070 - Directors’ College
2005-1006.f071 - National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Meeting with Bill Gould
2005-1006.f072 - Classroom Pictures
2005-1006.f073 - Silicon Valley Law Society Summer Associates Reception
2005-1006.f074 - Los Angeles Law Society Summer Associates Reception
2005-1006.f075 - San Diego Reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f076 - Alumni Weekend
2005-1006.f077 - Phoenix Rollout
2005-1006.f078 - New York Event, Kathleen Sullivan / Ginsburg
2005-1006.f079 - DC Law Society "Election Results and Their Impact on the Courts"
2005-1006.f080 - Swearing in ceremony for Class of 2000
2005-1006.f081 - Arthur Levitt lecture and reception/dinner
2005-1006.f082 - Silicon Valley Law Society “Election 2000: Epilogue”
2005-1006.f083 - Board of Visitors, 3L dinner
2005-1006.f084 - Board of Visitors
2005-1006.f085 - Class of 2001 [folder empty]
2005-1006.f086 - Seattle Law Society luncheon
2005-1006.f087 - Building Community Day
2005-1006.f088 - Moot Court Finals
2005-1006.f089 - Dean's Faculty Gala and Retirement celebration
2005-1006.f090 - Dean’s reception for Class of 2001
2005-1006.f091 - Graduation, Class of 2001
2005-1006.f092 - San Francisco Law Society “What’s Happening at the Supreme Court”
2005-1006.f093 - Paul Brest Portrait Unveiling
2005-1006.f094 - Chicago Law Society Luncheon with Tom Campbell
2005-1006.f095 - Classroom Building Tour and Reception

Box 4

2005-1006.f096 - Alumni Weekend
2005-1006.f097 - Alumni Weekend: Dean’s Circle
2005-1006.f098 - New York Law Society with Professor Simon
2005-1006.f099 - Faculty Photo shoot
2005-1006.f100 - Minge Brown Lecture with Bruce Babbitt
2005-1006.f101 - Silicon Valley Law Society “The Digital Music Revolution” 
2005-1006.f102 - Swearing in Ceremony for Class of 2001
2005-1006.f103 - Faculty Photo Portrait Sittings
2005-1006.f104 - Silicon Valley Law Society “Searching for Balance: National Security’s Threat to Civil Liberties”
2005-1006.f105 - Los Angeles Law Society reception in honor of Justice Carlos Moreno
2005-1006.f106 - Application guide photo shoot
2005-1006.f107 -  Board of Visitors, 3L dinner
2005-1006.f108 - Women in Leadership Conference gala (last part of 3L dinner)
2005-1006.f109 - Class of 2002 [folder empty]
2005-1006.f110 - Soros award presentation [folder empty]
2005-1006.f111 - Fiduciary College
2005-1006.f112 - Moot Court
2005-1006.f113 - Dean's Reception for Class of 2002
2005-1006.f114 - Graduation
2005-1006.f115 - Los Angeles Law Society "Impact of September 11 on the Domestic Agenda"
2005-1006.f116 - Directors' College
2005-1006.f117 - Chicago Law Society with Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f118 - Bill Neukom Professorship dinner
2005-1006.f119 -  Spaeth Professorship Dinner
2005-1006.f120 - Welcome Reception for 1Ls with Faculty and Alumni
2005-1006.f121 - 9/11/ event at Stanford Law School
2005-1006.f122 - San Diego Law Society Reception with Kathleen Sullivan
2005-1006.f123 - SALSA kickoff Reception, Fred Alvarez Award
2005-1006.f124 -  DC Law Society reception in honor of Professor Larry Lessig
2005-1006.f125 - Alumni Weekend
2005-1006.f126 - Alumni Weekend
2005-1006.f127 - Law, Science, and Technology (LS&T) faculty and advisory board
2005-1006.f128 - Los Angeles Law Society reception with Kathleen Sullivan at Kate Johnson’s house
2005-1006.f129 - Phleger Lecture: Morningstar 
2005-1006.f130 - Swearing in Ceremony