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Stanford Law School Photograph Collection

Series Description:

Series Title: Publications Department Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 2003-2007

Access Restrictions: Some Restriction-Technological 
Reproduction Restriction: Reproduction is unrestricted, but permission is needed before using in publications.

Series Description: 

This series consist of photograph from Stanford Law School Communications Department from 2003- 2007.  Photographs depicted within the series is Faculty, Staff, and Stanford Law School’s related events.  Materials include photographs, contact sheet, floppy discs, and compact disc.  A folder level index is available.

Extent: 4 Linear Feet
Location: GS-SU-07-01

Identifier Number: 2007-1001
Accession Number:  2007-SLS-001   


Box and Folder List:

Box 1

2007-1001.f001 - Faculty photo instructions and tally
2007-1001.f002 - Staff photos
2007-1001.f003 - Faculty as a whole
2007-1001.f004- Deans
2007-1001.f005 - Alexander, Janet
2007-1001.f006 - Alexander, Michelle
2007-1001.f007 - Babcock, Barbara
2007-1001.f008 - Bankman, Joseph
2007-1001.f009 - Banks, R. Richard
2007-1001.f010 - Barton, John
2007-1001.f011 - Black, Bernard
2007-1001.f012 - Brest, Paul
2007-1001.f013 - Brucato, Frank F.
2007-1001.f014 - Casper, Gerhard
2007-1001.f015 - Cole, G. Marcus
2007-1001.f016 - Craswell, Richard
2007-1001.f017 - Cuellar, Mariano
2007-1001.f018 - Daines, Robert
2007-1001.f019 - Dauber, Michelle
2007-1001.f020 - Deal, Faye
2007-1001.f021 - Donohue, John J.
2007-1001.f022 - Dickson, Lance E.
2007-1001.f023 - Fisher, George
2007-1001.f024 - Ford, Richard
2007-1001.f025 - Franklin, Marc
2007-1001.f026 - Fried, Barbara
2007-1001.f027 - Friedman, Lawrence
2007-1001.f028 - Gilson, Ronald J.
2007-1001.f029 - Glaze, Cathy
2007-1001.f030 - Goldstein, Paul
2007-1001.f031 - Gould, William
2007-1001.f032 - Greely, Henry
2007-1001.f033 - Grey, Thomas
2007-1001.f034 - Grundfest, Joseph
2007-1001.f035 - Gunther, Gerald [1/2]
2007-1001.f036 - Gunther, Gerald [2/2]
2007-1001.f037 - Heller, Thomas
2007-1001.f038 - Hensler, Deborah R.
2007-1001.f039 - Ho, David
2007-1001.f040 - Jacobstein, Myron J.
2007-1001.f041 - Karlan, Pamela S.
2007-1001.f042 - Kelman, Mark
2007-1001.f043 - Kessler, Amalia
2007-1001.f044 - Klausner, Michael
2007-1001.f045 - Koski, William
2007-1001.f046 - Lazier, William
2007-1001.f047 - Lemley, Mark
2007-1001.f048 - Lessig, Lawrence
2007-1001.f049 - Liautaud, Susan
2007-1001.f050 - Lomio, Paul
2007-1001.f051 - Mann, J. Keith
2007-1001.f052 - Martinez, Jenny
2007-1001.f053 - Mendez, Miguel
2007-1001.f054 - Merryman, John
2007-1001.f055 - Morrison, Alan
2007-1001.f056 - Nardone, Catherine (Rinnie)
2007-1001.f057 - Polinsky, Mitch
2007-1001.f058 - Rabin, Robert
2007-1001.f059 - Radin, Margaret
2007-1001.f060 - Rhode, Deborah
2007-1001.f061 - Rosenhan, David
2007-1001.f062 - Scott, Kenneth
2007-1001.f063 - Sher, Byron
2007-1001.f064 - Simon, William H.
2007-1001.f065 - Spaulding, Norman
2007-1001.f066 - Srikantiah, Jayashri
2007-1001.f067 - Stacy, Helen
2007-1001.f068 - Strnad, James
2007-1001.f069 - Sullivan, Kathleen
2007-1001.f070 - Thompson, Barton
2007-1001.f071 - Wald, Michael
2007-1001.f072 - Weiner, Allen
2007-1001.f073 - Weisberg, Robert
2007-1001.f074 - Williams, Howard

Box 2

2007-1001.f075 - Supreme Court Group Shot, 1999
2007-1001.f076 - Stanford Law School History
2007-1001.f077 - Recent/Timeless
2007-1001.f078 - Crown Quad exteriors, no sign of life
2007-1001.f079 - Screen stills, D.C. Invite, Law School exterior
2007-1001.f080 - New Classrooms
2007-1001.f081 - Exteriors
2007-1001.f082 - Owen House exterior
2007-1001.f083 - Crown Quad Interiors
2007-1001.f084 - Academic life
2007-1001.f085 - Classrooms, 2000
2007-1001.f086 - Student life
2007-1001.f087 - Faculty
2007-1001.f088 - Alumni Weekend 2001 Reunion Blow-up
2007-1001.f095 - Class photos – At reunions
2007-1001.f096 - External Relations calendars
2007-1001.f097 - Dean’s Reception for Class of 2006
2007-1001.f098 - Morrison & Foerster, Marshall Small Lecture
2007-1001.f099 - Law Review Symposium
2007-1001.f100 - Faculty Publications Event
2007-1001.f101 - Tulane Students
2007-1001.f102 - Lawyer #74, Carlos Watson
2007-1001.f103 - Sabrina Johnson
2007-1001.f104 - Norman Spaulding in Portland
2007-1001.f105 - D.C. Reception, Stanford Law Society and Public Interest
2007-1001.f106 - Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f107 - Alumni Weekend:  Dean’s Circle Dinner
2007-1001.f108 - Alumni Weekend:  Reunion Dinners
2007-1001.f109 - Alumni Weekend:  Tailgate Party
2007-1001.f110 - Hurricane Katrina Panel
2007-1001.f111 - Legal Clinics Opening
2007-1001.f112 - Lawrence Friedman Conference
2007-1001.f113 - SF Law Society Event at Levin & Kahn
2007-1001.f114 - Four Alums, Supreme Court Clerks
2007-1001.f115 - MGM v. Grokster
2007-1001.f116 - Silicon Valley Law  Society at Gamble Gardens, Palo Alto
2007-1001.f117 - Graduation
2007-1001.f118 - Dean’s Reception
2007-1001.f119 - Black Law Student Association (BLSA) dinner
2007-1001.f120 - Moot Court finals
2007-1001.f121 - General Law School, Cinco de Mayo
2007-1001.f122 - Board of Visitors
2007-1001.f123 - Board of Visitors/3L dinner, speaker Carol Lam
2007-1001.f124 - Asian/Pacific Island Alumni Association launch
2007-1001.f125 - Larry Marshall
2007-1001.f126 - Stanford Day in D.C., Museum of American Indian, Rick West
2007-1001.f127 - Young Alumni Happy Hour, San Francisco
2007-1001.f128 - Global Jurisprudence Colloquium
2007-1001.f129 - SPILF Auction
2007-1001.f130 - Law Review Symposium, Richard Sander et al.,
2007-1001.f131 - Battle of the Brains
2007-1001.f132 - Robert Mindge Brown Lecture, Michael Beane
2007-1001.f133 - Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Luncheon and Conference
2007-1001.f134 - State of the Black Community, Charles Ogletree
2007-1001.f135 - Law Review symposium, Kenneth Feinberg
2007-1001.f136 - Orange County luncheon for Dean Kramer at Balboa Yacht Club
2007-1001.f137 - San Diego Reception for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f138 - Los Angeles Reception for Dean Kramer

Box 3

2007-1001.f139 - American Association of Law Schools, San Francisco
2007-1001.f140 - Swearing-in Ceremony
2007-1001.f141 - Philadelphia Luncheon for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f142 - Washington, D.C. Reception for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f143 - Lawyer of the Year awards, Peter Bouckaert
2007-1001.f144 - New York reception for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f145 - Chicago Reception for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f146 - Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f147 - Alumni Weekend: Reunion Dinners
2007-1001.f148 - Portland Luncheon for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f149 - Phoenix Luncheon for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f150 - Seattle luncheon for Dean Kramer at Preston Gates & Ellis
2007-1001.f151 - Reception for Dean Kramer at John Friedenrich’s home
2007-1001.f152 - Farewell dinner for Dean Sullivan
2007-1001.f153 -  Boston luncheon for Dean Kramer
2007-1001.f154 - Reception for Deborah Rhode
2007-1001.f155 - Thelton Henderson Fellowship
2007-1001.f156 - Dinner at Spago, Johnson chair
2007-1001.f157 - WIPO comes to Silicon Valley
2007-1001.f158 - Graduation
2007-1001.f159 - Dean’s reception for class of 2004
2007-1001.f160 - Black Alumni Association Launch; Latino Alumni Association meeting, judges panel, and roundtable discussion
2007-1001.f161 - Moot Court Finals
2007-1001.f162 - Barbara Babcock’s last class
2007-1001.f163 - Board of Visitors, 3L dinner
2007-1001.f164 - Philadelphia Regional Alumni Event
2007-1001.f165 - Kirkwood Moot Court semifinals
2007-1001.f166 - Battle of the Brains with Ben Stein
2007-1001.f167 - Los Angeles Law Society event with George Fisher and new admits
2007-1001.f168 - Washington D.C. Law Society Event with David Hayes and New Admits
2007-1001.f169 - SPILF Auction and alumni reception
2007-1001.f170 - Unnatural Selection conference
2007-1001.f171 - LST BioLaw reception at Prof. Greely’s home
2007-1001.f172 - Prof. Cole at BLSA event “The Future of Black America…”
2007-1001.f173 - Law Review symposium, Janet Reno
2007-1001.f174 - Brown v. Board of Education Roundtable
2007-1001.f175 - Swearing-in Ceremony
2007-1001.f176 - Pam Karlan’s Supreme Court discussion group
2007-1001.f177 - Prof. Fisher’s Class
2007-1001.f178 - Latino Alumni Association launch:  Romero, Lawyer of the Year
2007-1001.f179 - Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f180 - 1L Reception
2007-1001.f181 - Barton, Lazier, Gould Retirement
2007-1001.f182 - “New” Library Ribbon Cutting and Tour
2007-1001.f183 - Supreme Court clerks
2007-1001.f184 - Silicon Valley Society “You Can’t Sue Me (Here)!”
2007-1001.f185 - Director’s College Luncheon, John Chambers, speaker
2007-1001.f186 - Director’s College Reception and dinner, Hon. Harvey L. Pitt, speaker
2007-1001.f187 - Director’s College, Breakfast with Hon. Norman Veasey, Lunch with Phil Angelides, seminars
2007-1001.f188 - Director’s College, Reception and dinner with Hon. William Donaldson
2007-1001.f189 - Graduation
2007-1001.f190 -  Graduation Reception
2007-1001.f191 - Student photos for direct mail
2007-1001.f192 - Stanford Community Law Clinic Open House
2007-1001.f193 - Board of Visitors, 3L dinner
2007-1001.f194 - New York Law Society
2007-1001.f195 -Steel Seizure Screening

Box 4

2007-1001.f196 - [Refiles:  Exteriors]
2007-1001.f197-   [Refiles:  Interiors]
2007-1001.f198a - [Refiles:  Individuals]
2007-1001.f198b - [Refiles:  Groups]
2007-1001.f199 - [Refiles: Candids]
2007-1001.f200 - [David Mills]
2007-1001.f201 - [Ralph Nader]
2007-1001.f202 - [Refiles:  Events]
2007-1001.f203 - [Refiles:  Events including] Faculty Chair Dinner, Los Angeles Law Society, Dean’s Welcome Address to First Year Reception, Dean’s Circle Dinner, Reunion Weekend
2007-1001.f204 - Commencement
2007-1001.f205 - [Refiles:  Events including] Professors in classrooms, Garden Court function, Professor tenure party
2007-1001.f206 - Campaign Kickoff and Reunion
2007-1001.f207 - Stanford Lawyer #48 Cover
2007-1001.f208- [Refiles: Events including] Morrison Professorship Dinner, Alumni Weekend, Ford Professorship Dinner, Keith Mann dinner
2007-1001.f209 - Public interest kickoff
2007-1001.f210 - [Refiles:  Events including] Incoming class reception Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f211 - Law School, environs and student life
2007-1001.f212 - Building Community Day
2007-1001.f213 - Board Of Visitors, Moot Court, 1L dinner
2007-1001.f214 - Lizzie Borden retrial
2007-1001.f215 - Tom Waldo and Family, Juneau, Alaska
2007-1001.f216 - [Refiles: Events including] Warren Christopher reception, STLR Reception, SLLSA Reception, Baxter Conference and Dinner, Washington D.C. Law Society, Chicago Celebration
2007-1001.f217 - Library
2007-1001.f218 - Building Community Day
2007-1001.f219 - New York Law Society event
2007-1001.f220 -Cinco de Mayo
2007-1001.f221 - Poster for Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f222 - Alumni Weekend
2007-1001.f223 - Dean’s Circle dinner
2007-1001.f224 - Crothers Hall Thanksgiving
2007-1001.f225 - [Refiles:  Events including] EPACLP, SPILF auction
2007-1001.f226 - Gould House
2007-1001.f227 -  Building Community Day
2007-1001.f228 - SPILF Auction
2007-1001.f229 - Campaign Dinner
2007-1001.f230 - Governor Gray Davis visit
2007-1001.f231 - Kathleen Sullivan reception, San Francisco
2007-1001.f232 - Merryman sculpture dedication
2007-1001.f233 - Washington D.C. reception for Kathleen Sullivan
2007-1001.f234 -  Shaking the Foundation
2007-1001.f235 - Director’s College
2007-1001.f236 - Director’s College
2007-1001.f237 - Classrooms before 2001 remodel
2007-1001.f238 - Classrooms during 2001 remodel
2007-1001.f239 - Stanford Lawyer
2007-1001.f240 - Soros Award Presentation
2007-1001.f241 - Steel Seizure 
2007-1001.f242 - Executive Education [1/2]
2007-1001.f243 - Executive Education [2/2]
2007-1001.f244 -  General Law School life
2007-1001.f245 - [Refiles:  Events] Commencement
2007-1001.f246 -  Launch of Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program
2007-1001.f247 - Stanford Law School scans
2007-1001.f248 - [Refiles:  Events]