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Stanford Law School History 1899-1998: Courses

This guide contains information on faculty, staff, students, and lists of course offerings published in the Stanford Law School Bulletins from 1899-1998.


Course Timeline


The timeline is an interactive tool to explore how course offerings at the Law School changed over time. You can filter by Course Category or by Professor. You can mouse over the individual entries to view which professors taught the course in a given year. You can view the timeline in full screen by clicking the button at the bottom of the module.


  • Some bulletins contain information on courses that were not offered in a given year; these have not been included in the timeline.
  • We did our best to categorize courses into as few categories as possible, while ensuring that the categories were not overinclusive.
  • Sometimes courses were taught by multiple instructors. When the same session was taught by multiple instructors, they will be grouped together (e.g. "Barbara A. Babcock,Michael S. Wald"). In these cases, use the search function to ensure that you have selected these grouped instructors. When a course was taught in multiple sessions/sections, each session/section is listed as a separate entry. This is true for most of the first-year curriculum courses.
  • From 1990 to 1998, the bulletins stopped listing professors.
  • "Null" indicates that no professor was listed in the bulletin.
  • In 1979-1980, the Law School began experimenting with a secondary first-year curriculum. See note below.

Course Listings


This table presents the full set of course listings used to build the timeline. You can expand each course by clicking on the arrows at the left of each entry, or by selecting an entry and hitting space.

Changes to the Curriculum


We have documented several interesting changes to the curriculum over the years. Most notably, the Law School began piloting an alternative first-year curriculum in 1979-1980.

Alternative First-Year Curriculum: Curriculum B

For additional curriculum changes, see the "Project Documents" folder in the GitHub repository. Documenting these changes in machine-readable format is a promising area for future research.



The datasets can be exported from the Course Listings module above, or can also be found in the GitHub repository linked to at the top of this page.