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Stanford Law School History 1899-1998: Other Resources

This guide contains information on faculty, staff, students, and lists of course offerings published in the Stanford Law School Bulletins from 1899-1998.

Other Resources

Background Available in GitHub Repository


The following are available in PDF form in the "Other Background" folder of the GitHub repository. Some are redundant with the links above.

  • “A Brief History of Stanford Law School 1893-1946” by Marion Kirkwood and William Owens.
  • “Legal Legacies: A Brief History of the Stanford Law School” by Howard Bromberg
  • “Our Professor, The President: A little known story of how a President of the United States helped launch Stanford Law School” by Howard Bromberg
  • “The Making of a Law School: Lofty goals, a hammer-wielding leader, and a measure of serendipity helped bring Stanford Law School into being” by Howard Bromberg
  • “Who Stole the President’s Wine?” by Howard Bromberg
  • “A Brief History of Stanford Law School” from the 1968 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Yearbook