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Oral History Collection

Series Description:

Title: Stanford Law School Oral History Series Recording
Inclusive Dates: 2007-2014

Access Restrictions: None
Reproduction Restriction: Reproduction is unrestricted, but permission is needed before using in publications.

Series Description:

This series consist of the oral history of various Stanford Law School’s Staff and Faculty members.  Each interview is conducted by an interviewer who has ask a series of questions to the interviewee about their first-hand experience about their personal history, how they came to Stanford Law School, and the changes and events of Stanford Law School took place .  Materials consist of video recording of the interview, the corresponding audio file, and transcript.  Information covered over the course of the interview, where the subject was born, family, educations, career, changes to Stanford Law School, and etc. Arranged in the order of when the oral history was recorded.

Extent: 17.3 Gigabytes (Digital) 

Identifier Number: LAW-1580102
Accession Number: 2014-SLS-001


Folder List:

John Henry Merryman
Catherine “Rinnie” Nardone
Bayless Manning
Thomas Ehrlich
Seth Hufstedler, Shirley Hufstedler, and Warren Christopher
Miguel Mendez
Barbara Babcock
Thelton Henderson
Marc Franklin