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Oral History Collection

Women Trailblazer Collection


This collection consist of oral histories, transcribed transcripts and digital ephemera associated with the Women Trailblazer Project. This project is a comprehensive collection of oral histories of women who entered the legal profession during 1970’s as told by women who lived it.
The Women Trailblazers Collection was originally created and organized by the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession. Originally call Women Trailblazers in the Law Project, this project’s mission was to seek out women who made important contributions to law. This effort was to capture the oral histories of women who had entered the legal Profession in 1970s, which at the time, the women who had enter the legal profession had faced discrimination, challenges, and dilemmas. This project set out to capture that history and to allow individual women to tell the stories in their own words. This project was funded by primarily by the American Bar Association and individuals’ donation contributions.

The Women Trailblazer Project had interviewed women who live across the country and diverse sections of the legal profession including but not limited to: judiciary, academia, law firms, government, corporations, and public interest organizations. This was done over a twenty year period by volunteer women lawyers in the American Bar Association. The volunteers were then trained by the Commission on Women in the Profession to conduct the interviews. Volunteers who were selected to interview a given subject were individuals who live within the local communities that the interviewee resided in.

The Women Trailblazer Project’s collection and administration was then transfer to the Senior Lawyers Division (SLD), which at that time, the collection was then renamed as the Women Trailblazer Collection. It was maintained by Brooksley Born, the Chair of the ABA’s Senior Lawyers Division and Linda Ferren, the Project Director for Women Trailblazer Collection. In 2016, the Women Trailblazers Collection materials was transfer to Robert Crown Law Library's Special Collections.

Collection Identifier Number: LAW-WTP

Digital Location:

Collection Extent:

7.51 Linear Feet (Textual)
377 audio cassettes
291 Compact Disc (CD)

List of Series:

  • Women Trailblazer Oral History Transcripts, 1995- 2015
  •  Women Trailblazer Oral History Recording, 1995- 2015
  •  Women Trailblazer Oral History Media, 1995- 2015