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Gavel Collection

Gavel Collection


This collection consists of Gavels.  Gavel are typically made from wood.  Gavel are used within the courtroom to call attention or rulings by  the judge.  The gavel will be struck against a sounding block, typically made from the same materials as the gavel itself.  This Collections of gavels are made of traditional woods and unusual materials such as bones and animals’ teeth.   

Majority of this collection was collected by the Schafers and was transferred to the Robert Crown Law Library’s Special Collections.  This  collection  also includes notes, photographs, and ephemera collected for a book about gavels as well as the donor’s catalogue cards which provide descriptions, provenance, and anecdotes for the gavels.

Collection Identifier Number:  LAW-730

List of Series:

  • Schafers Gravel Papers, 1968-1992
  • Schafers Gravel, 1968-1992
  • Robert Crown Law Library Gavel, 1992-2004