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Locating 50-State Surveys

This guide is intended to help you identify sources for precompiled 50-state surveys.

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American Law Reports are available on both Westlaw and Lexis (access to both is limited to Stanford Law School users by personal name and password).

American Law Reports contain annotations (in-depth articles) on specific legal issues, particularly where the law is unsettled or in development.  Each annotation contains background information and analysis of the legal issue and offers citations to relevant cases, statutes, and law review articles. 


To access American Law Reports in Westlaw, start typing "american law reports" in the search bar and select "American Law Reports."

 You can select a topic of interest or search across all reports.


To access American Law Reports in Lexis, start typing "american law reports" in the search bar and select "American Law Reports (ALR)" as a source.  

You can then conduct a search for your topic of interest.