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Don't Ask. Don't Tell. Don't Pursue.

This guide contains primary materials on the U.S. military’s policy on sexual orientation, from World War I to 2013.

Selected State And Federal Statutes


Selected Federal Regulations


  • Exec. Order No. 9981, 3 C.F.R. sec. 722 (1943-1948).
  • 32 C.F.R. Ch. 1, Part 41, (“Enlisted Personnel Separations”) (July 1, 1993 Edition)  [Note: These regulations include “Appendix A: Standards and Procedures,” cited as “Separation Regulations.” The Separation Regulations include, in turn, Part 1 (“Reasons for Separation”), Part 2 (“Guidelines for Separation and Characterization”), and Part 3 (“Procedures for Separation”). Only a portion of Part 2 was revised in 1993, i.e. subpart H, “Homosexuality.” Subpart H codifies DODD 1332.14 (Jan 28,1982) and DODD 1332.30 (Feb. 12, 1986).].

Selected Department Of Defense Directives (DODD)


DODD 1304.26. Qualification Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and Induction

February 5, 1994 version – Full Text


  • Enclosure 2 of DODD1304.26. Qualification Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and Induction.
  • Attachment. “Applicant Briefing Item on Separation Policy.”
  • Attachment. “Restrictions on Personal Conduct in the Armed Forces.”

DODD 1332.14. “Enlisted Administrative Separations.”

  • January 28, 1982 version – Extracts
  • December 21, 1993 version – Full Text [Note: December 21, 1993 version includes Enclosure 4-l. “Guidelines for Fact-Finding Inquiries into Homosexual Conduct.”]

DODD 1332.30 “Separation of Regular Commissioned Officers For Cause.”

Selected Amy Regulations


Army Reg. 635.89

Army Reg. 635-100

Army Reg. 135-178, Chap. 7-5b(6).
Army Reg. 635-200

Interim Change 102 (Headquarters, Department of the Army, Nov. 28,1980).
Change No. 5 (1 May 1982).

Army Reg. 635-212

  • Change No. 8 (Jan. 21, 1970).

Army Reg. 600-443

Selected Navy Instructions