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Digital Annotation Tools: Annotating Documents in Lexis Advance

Links, Folders, and Downloading Documents

Lexis allows you to download and save documents to folders for easier retrieval later.  You can find each of these features in the top left corner. 

Click on the folder icon to save to one of your folders.  Lexis Advance's folders are an excellent way to save relevant documents so that you can quickly navigate back to them later, and to organize your research within Lexis Advance.

Click on the download icon (the arrow pointing down to the horizontal line) to download a PDF of the document in Lexis Advance.  Note, however, that it will download the document as it is displayed in Lexis Advance, not in its original format preserving form.  However, some documents in Lexis will allow you to save PDF's in an original format preserving format; when available, you can find this feature on the right-hand side of the document near the top.

Highlighting and Taking Notes

Lexis allows you  to annotate the text of their documents directly.  To activate this feature, simply click and drag over the text you want to annotate.  A box will appear, with the following options: "Copy," "Add to Folder," "Add to Search," Annotate," and "Highlight."

Copying will copy the text to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a document.

Adding to your folder will add the document to any folder of your choosing.

Adding to Search will copy the text you've highlighted and paste it in the search bar.  This is especially handy if you want to find documents that cite the exact language you've highlighted.

Finally, Highlighting allows you to highlight the selected text. 

Annotating allows you to write a note to yourself about the text you've highlighted.  These notes, along with highlighting, saves to your documents, so even if you close or click away, they will still be there when you return to the document later.