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Source Pulling and Cite Checking for Journal Members

This guide is intended to assist journal members with source pulling and cite checking articles.

Borrowing Policies and Procedures

Updates, Post COVID-19 Procedures


The Law Library previously scanned some material for journals under a temporary COVID-19 procedure; those scans are available in Box.

Several SU libraries currently enforce policies affecting access to materials. Please note: 

  • The Graduate School of Business (GSB) library is currently open to GSB students only. If the item you need is at GSB, please contact the RCLL librarians. Email with a request including: 1)  the SearchWorks link; 2) title; 3) author; 4) edition; 5) publication year; and 6) your journal name and the article author. Items usually arrive two days later (M-F); once it arrives we will put it on your Journal Shelves with a flag and alert you. 
  • If the item is at the Hoover, Classics, or Science library you will not be able to check it out; visit that library to scan the pages on your phone or use a library scanner.

If needed material is not owned by Stanford, or is charged out to another patron, please request an interlibrary loan. We are not able to recall material from other users at this time.

Request an Interlibrary Loan

If you need to update the list of article authors or the list of authorized users on your journal account, please send updates to

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Will Huggins, Head of Access Services, at (650) 313-1890.


If reference assistance is needed, email or contact our law journal liaison, Heather Joy.

Connecting From Off-Campus

In order to be recognized as a licensed user of Stanford's restricted databases, electronic journals, and e-books when you are off-campus, you need to configure your browser to use our authenticated proxy server.

Alternatively, you can manually add the following prefix to the URL: For instance, to access the HeinOnline Law Journal Library from off-campus, your URL should be
The legal databases listed on the Robert Crown Law Library's Legal Databases webpage includes links for off-campus access. For assistance with offsite access, please email

Journal Setup & Library Liaison Tasks

Initial Setup/Communicate with Law Library 

1. Journal Members: decide on who will serve as the Library Liaison for your Journal. 

2. Use the "Liaison" links above to share this information with Law Library staff, both: 

  • The names of the source-pullers; and 
  • The article authors names

3.  Once received, library staff will assign shelf space for each article author. The shelves are located on the library's second floor, across from the elevator. Additional space is available in the Teaming Room, also located on the second floor.  

View Map:  Second Floor 

When the list of source-pullers is received, library staff will update this Authorized Users list.  In order to borrow print material from participating libraries (see below) using journal library accounts, source-pullers names must be listed in this document.

Library staff will make adjustments to shelf assignments and the list when the Journal library liaison makes an update request. 

Journal Responsibilities

Journal members should assist library liaisons with the following:

  • Keeping the library updated when article authors change and when the authorized users list needs to be updated;
  • Monitoring journal accounts and returning recalled material on time to avoid library fine accrual;
  • Clearing shelves when source pullers have completed cite-checking (It's okay to ask Circulation Desk staff to help with this. Just ask!); and
  • Tracking-down missing books that are still charged out to the journal accounts after cite-checking has been completed

Monitoring Accounts

Library liaisons may ask for a PIN that will allow them to review journal charges, recalls, fines and more.  Circulation is also able to produce this information for you, upon request.  It is recommended that liaisons check journal accounts for recalls and overdue material at least once per week

Login Steps:

1. Go to

Do not click on the "MyAccount" link which is located at the top-right corner of the SearchWorks catalog.  Clicking on MyAccount will only take you to your student account. 

2. Enter your journal's library account number.  This number is available here.

3. Enter the PIN number that Circulation staff provided to you.

Borrowing Print Material

Print materials can be checked out to your journal's library account and held on the 2nd floor of the library across from the elevator. Shelves in the cite checking area are labeled by author and flags are available for identifying journal and author names. Please note that we are only able to put books from the following libraries on these shelves: Law Library, Green Library, SAL3, Art Library, Music Library, and Education Library. Books from other libraries will need to be scanned onsite at the owning library's location.

A Book We Need is Checked Out or Unavailable

No worries! Simply submit an Interlibrary Loan request and library staff will work on getting a copy for you. Please do not submit a recall for charged-out material.

Stanford Does Not Own A Book We Need

That's no problem!  We'll try to order a copy from another institution.  Please place an Interlibrary Loan request.

About Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is our service used to borrow books and obtain journal articles that are not available through the Stanford campus libraries.  Materials not found in SearchWorks or campus online databases may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.  Also, if a Stanford-owned book is charged out and there are no other campus copies, you may request a copy via ILL.

If you wish, search the WorldCat database (a catalog of millions of books held by libraries around the world) through the SearchWorks link to verify the title.

Please note that Journals members may not use the BorrowDirect service.  You may use BorrowDirect for your own individual use, but BorrowDirect does not recognize Journals as entities (separate from individual users).  In addition, we have no ability to mediate loan extensions, fees for damaged or lost items, etc. within the BorrowDirect system.  Accordingly, BorrowDirect items found on cite-checking shelves will be removed and returned to the owning institution.  

RCLL has our own ILL service for SLS-affiliated users.  Please use our Interlibrary Loan form for your ILL requests.  

  • Please fill out one ILL request per cite.

  • Be sure to include your article author's name, issue editor's name and provide all bibliographic information available from your sourcepull list.

Materials are requested from the best lending source.  Some requests may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

Articles: PDFs of articles will be added to Box

Books: Sourcepullers will be notified via email when books have arrived and are awaiting pickup from our ILL shelf at the first floor Circulation Desk. When notified, please pick up the material and take it to the designated journal shelf.  Books are charged to the journal, not to individual sourcepullers, so please keep them in our library.