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2019 Summer Research Survival Guide: Home


This Summer Research Survival Guide provides a compilation of highlights, checklists, and research diagrams from this year's past classes, as well as suggested resources for substantive research to prepare students for their summer experiences. We invite you to explore the Guide by using the links to the left.  Here is a brief description of the materials you will find:

(1)  Summer Research FAQs:  This provides answers to frequently asked questions, including summer privileges for Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg, as well as access to Stanford databases and materials. 

(2)  The Research Process:  This provides an overview of how to get started when you are approaching a research question.  It includes some handy supporting diagrams to help you with the process.

(3)  No-Cost Research by Topic:  This provides an overview of free online resources by topic, which is particularly helpful if you do not have access to commercial databases and wish to avoid any client charges. 

(4)  Suggested Treatises & Secondary Materials:  Treatises and secondary materials are an excellent starting point when you are faced with a research question.  This provides some suggested treatises and secondary materials by topic. 

(5)  Introduction to Researching Federal Legislative History:  This provides a link to a guide on Researching Federal Legislative History.  There are video tutorials available on this guide to provide you with an overview of the components of a legislative history and how to find the documents that make up a legislative history for a law. 

(6)  Libraries Available to You:  This provides a list of university libraries that you have access to through the ShaRes program.  You can consult library materials and possibly have access to study spaces. 

PDF version of the Guide

Robert Crown Law Library and Other Resources

While we can't do your summer research for you, the librarians at the Robert Crown Law Library are available to help guide you through the process.  Write us (

Finally, feel free to contact the Lexis, Westlaw, & BLAW help desks for assistance constructing searches or with resource inquiries.

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Law librarians and library staff are available to help you find your way around the library and its legal materials, provide research support, and assist you in locating materials that are not in our library. There are several ways to contact us:

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