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Summer Research Training Videos & Handbook_2023

Short video overviews and full handbook of common research topics

Statutes Videos Introduction

The 2 videos in the tabbed box below discuss the following important aspects of legislative history:

  • Statute Publication Process
  • How to Find Relevant Statutes

Below each video, we've included the slides used in that video.

You can also check out our research guide, State Legislative Information, for more details on the state legislative research process. You can also check out the Legal Research Process section or the So You've Found a Statute chart in our Summer Research Handbook for more information on finding statutes and using them in your research.

Have a question from one of the videos, a suggestion for additional videos, or any other question? Please contact us by email; via Zoom during our open hours; or request to meet with a librarian using the link from our home page.

Statutes videos