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Robert Crown Law Library's Special Collections Guide

Scope of Collections Statement:

The Robert Crown Law Library Special Collections was formally established in 1999.  Stanford’s library staff, faculty, and administration gathered a wealth of photographs, documents, and ephemera for the 25th Anniversary of Crown Quadrangle, commemorated the opening of the permanent home of Stanford Law School.  The Robert Crown Law Library Special Collection was created to preserve and store these newly formed collections of historical records.  The collections are most heavily used by the Stanford Law School’s community to document program development, and to showcase our growth and accomplishments of our faculty and students.  The collection is primarily used for research and outreach on the behalf of the Robert Crown Law School community and to tell the story of its development.  The collection is focused on the following areas:

  1. Student-Related Materials. The archive strives to preserve student publications and materials related to social events and student experiences at Robert Crown Law School.  These records showcase student development as future professionals in the legal field, as well as the active student organizations at the Crown Quadrangle.  Examples of these types of records include:
    • Theses and Dissertations
    • Student Handbooks
    • Student Organization Publication
    • Yearbooks
  2. Faculty Materials.  This collection consists of materials related to courses taught, course exams, and model answers.  In addition, the collection includes faculty handbooks, photographs, and book listings with an emphasis on faculty publications.  Examples of these types of records include:
    • Syllabi
    • Faculty Handbooks
    • Bibliographies 
    • Selected newspaper clippings of faculty members
  3. Stanford Law School Publications and Records.  The Robert Crown Law Library preserves selected records of administrative and academic program departments of the Law School. Examples of these types of records include:
    • Commencement records
    • Law School Bulletins
    • Who’s Who Directories
    • Staff Directories
    • Historical photographs
    • Oral Histories
    • Awards

Donation Process

The Special Collections Librarian at the Robert Crown Law Library Special Collection is responsible for collection development, and accessioning of donated materials. The Special Collections Librarian reviews items for acquisition based on the above criteria on an ongoing basis. All acquisition decisions are made in collaboration with the Collection Development committee from the Robert Crown Law Library. 

If there are materials you wish to donate or would like further information please email the Special Collections at