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Stanford Law School's Theses and Dissertations Collection

Collection Description

            This collection contains Stanford Law School Students’ theses and dissertations that was produced to fulfill the academic required for a culmination of a degree.   Historically, the collection of Theses and Dissertations were produced as part of the requirement coursework for receiving a Master of Laws (1933-1969), a Juris Doctor (1906-1932), or a Doctor of Jurisprudence.
            Currently, works received from students are produced under two different graduate programs.  Thesis are works were produced as part of the requirement for the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies or SPILS for short.  SPILS was established in 1995 by Professors Lawrence Friedman and Thomas C. Heller, to address international students, lawyers, judges, public officials, and other professionals trained in the study of law outside the United States.  Students of SPILS Program are required to do interdisciplinary research that affects the global community.  The culmination of this program is a research project that each individual student develop over the course of a year under a faculty advisor, after which grants students a Master of the Science of Law.  This research project must demonstrate the student's ability to do an empirical method of investigation for a topic of their choosing that addresses a concern for the international community or a specific country.  These can cover a large range of topics that analyzes the legal cultures, legal reforms, and policies.
            Dissertations are produced under Doctor of Science of Law program or JSD.  The JSD program as we know it was revised for the Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1969 is designed for students who are interested in pursuing an academic career. Doctor of Science of Law Students are selected from the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies and those who have a postgraduate degree in Legal Studies.
            All materials in this collection were donated by the individuals to the Stanford Law School Archive.  An index for all items of all the various series is available upon request.

Collection Identity Number: LAW-3781

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