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Stanford Law School Art and Print Collection

Stanford Law School Art and Print Collection


This collection consists of Stanford Law School's artwork.  Majority of the collections are made up of pieces donated to Stanford Law School by individuals.  The various pieces were hung within the law school’s facilities.  Over the course the history of the school and change of locations, artwork pieces were taken down from activated display. 

Other part of the collection is made up of commission pieces that was used as part of Stanford Lawyer magazine and Stanford Law School’s uses.  Bulk of collection art work’s forms are etchings, Prints, and posters.

Collection Identifier Number: LAW-131

List of Series:

  •  Stanford Lawyer Artwork, 1975-1996
  •  Engraving and Artistic Prints, 1815-1900 
  •  Portraits of U.S Supreme Court Justices 
  •  Prints and Engravings of Judges
  •  Ink Drawing by Piotr Gorecki, 1979-1981   
  •  Birds of the Pacific Slopes 
  •  Memorial Church of Stanford University Plaque  
  •  In Celebration Prints, 1975 
  •  Country Pieces II: In The Park, 1979