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Writing Notes and Comments for Journal Members

This guide is intended to assist journal members at Stanford Law School with writing and publishing Notes or Comments.

Selecting a Topic

Notes or Comments often focus on recent cases or developments in the law. You may encounter possible topics during your summer jobs, externships, or by talking to your professors. This section contains resources to help you discover topic ideas for your Note or Comment.

Legal News


Blog posts are good sources to spark topic ideas because they often cover recent developments in the law much more quickly than law review articles or books. The following are a few popular, general-interest blogs that cover legal issues, but you can also find many subject-specific law blogs.

Working Papers

After an article is accepted for publication, it may take up to a year before the article is published due to the editorial process. Law scholars frequently post working papers or drafts of articles that are currently undergoing the publication process on SSRN or in their law school's institutional repository to allow readers to read the content sooner.

Online Companions to Law Reviews

Many law reviews have online companions that publish short, timely pieces of legal scholarship. For instance, the Stanford Law Review Online publishes pieces that are 3,000 words or fewer, inclusive of footnotes (in contrast, articles published in the Stanford Law Review usually are up to 25,000 words in length). Because legal scholarship in online companions are published on a much faster timeline, these pieces can offer interesting ideas that you may wish to explore further in a Note or Comment. Check the list from LSB (thought it is a bit dated), or search for topics in the ABA-recommended Online Law Review/Journal Search

Additional Resources