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This guide is intended to assist journal members with using to archive URLs.


To set up accounts for new journal members, journal leaders should prepare a complete list of names and email addresses and email them to the journal liaison Heather Joy at or

Steps to Set Up Account

See the Overview box above for info on how to request an account.

Step 1

Once an account is requested, each new user will receive an email with a link within 24 hours to activate their account. Please check your Spam folder for the activation email, and reach out to or if you don't receive it within a day.

Click the blue Active Account button in the email; you'll be prompted to create a password. 

                 Screenshot of the page for activating your account       

Step 2

Create folders and subfolders within your journal to organize your links. Saving each article's links in separate folders will make it easier to keep track of them. To create folders, look to the left side of the page after signing in and click on the "+" icon above the list of folders.

                  Screenshot showing the location of the icon for creating new folders, above the folder list