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Empirical Legal Research Resources


This section provides links to databases that collects statistical information and datasets. This list represents just a selection of materials available. You can find more resources through searching the Searchworks Databases collection.

Legal Database Analytics

This section provides information about legal analytics available through Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw. These are tools for finding, collecting, and analyzing data about cases, legal documents, law firms, lawyers, and judges. Subscriptions to the relevant databases are required for access. 


  • Litigation Analytics: Available under the Litigation Intelligence Center, this tool provides civil litigation data sorted by company, law firm, court, judge, and attorney. The analytics are based on information from U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals dockets from 2007 onwards.
  • Deal Analytics: Available under the Transactional Intelligence Center, this tool includes data for Equity Offerings and Mergers & Acquisitions from around the world. 


  • Litigation Analytics: Data and analysis on courts, judges, attorneys, and law firms. 
  • Context: Provides language analysis of common phrases and cited cases for experts, judges, attorneys, courts, and companies.
  • Verdict & Settlement Analyzer: Provides data on civil litigation cases.


General Law and Policy Statistical Resources

Official Government Resources

Specialized Legal Statistical Resources

Map-Based Resources

Other Statistical Resources