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Docket Research

Federal Courts


Court Listener’s RECAP is a project that collects docket sheets and documents that other people have downloaded from PACER and makes the collection publicly available. Because only collect PACER documents, only federal case dockets will be available in this database. 

screencap of the RECAP search interface

The search interface supports advanced terms and connectors keyword searching (as seen on the right side panel), and includes filters for jurisdiction, docket number, case name, Nature of Suit, judge, party, and attorney.  

Within a the docket sheet, RECAP will show the latest version of the docket that it has available, along with a link to docket in PACER. A limited number of docket alerts are available if you create a free individual account, which will update you when a change occurs to the docket.



As it is a free resource dependent upon user contribution, there is no option for updating a docket, or requesting a download for free. If a document is available, it will provide a download PDF option. Otherwise, it will show an option to buy on PACER. 



Official Court Websites

Court websites may also include links to dockets or trial documents for some cases, though public access coverage will vary from court to court. A list of links to official federal court websites is available from

State Courts

State courts have their own systems for docket filing outside of PACER. Availability and costs for accessing those systems vary. Check the relevant court’s website to see how to access their dockets. You can find links to various state court websites at the National Center for State Courts page for State Court Websites.