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Source Pulling and Cite Checking for Journal Members


This guide is intended to assist journal members with source pulling and cite checking. These tasks help ensure the cited sources actually support the author's assertions, and ensure citations properly conform to The Bluebook.

Whether you just joined a journal or are serving your third year, you will find useful information in this guide. From definitions and processes, to specific tips and tricks, links to regularly updated procedures, and training materials, we've tried to cover many of the most commonly asked questions and vital resources.

This guide and the linked training materials are intended to help you succeed. If you aren't finding what you need - please ask. Reach out to the library's journal liaison Heather Joy at, or contact any reference librarian at  


Above the line. The article text (as opposed to the footnote text)

Bluebook. A citation style manual available at the library and for purchase online

Bluebooking. Conforming a document, especially the citations, to the rules of the Bluebook

Cite checking. Confirming the cited source supports the author's claim

ILL. Interlibrary loan, the process by which the law library borrows books from other institutions

Reporter. A publication aggregating court opinions for a certain jurisdiction, geographic region, or subject 

Source pulling. Gathering all the sources cited in the article footnotes

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Here's some help available 24/7! What follows is a list of short videos (and we mean short - some are under 1 minute!) on some of the most common topics facing journal member editors. Take a quick peek and see if we can answer your questions via video. Feel free to check out the accompany slide deck too - it has content from every video, along with some narrative explanations in the speaker notes, so you don't have to catch everything on the video. Questions or comments? Email Heather Joy at 

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