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Stanford Law School’s Commencement Collection

Fond Description:


This fond consist of Stanford Law School Student's’ winning essay from various different award contest.  The Law School Students are encouraged to submit a paper that they have written that has not been through any formal review process.  Winners are determined by a Faculty committee and is under the discretion of the given selection committee.  If there is no paper that meet the standards set out by the Faculty committee, no prize shall be awarded that year.

List of series:

  1. Miscellaneous Student Affair Administration Paperwork,1973-2009
  2. The Carl Mason Franklin Award in International Law, 1967 to 1994
  3. The Carl Mason Franklin Award in International Law, 2006 to 2016
  4. The Olaus and Adolf Murie Environmental Law Award, 2007-2016
  5. The Steven M. Block Civil Liberties Award, 2006 to 2016
  6. Intellectual Property Writing Award, 2007 to Present