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Office of Student Affairs


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA)  is responsible for law students’ experience at Stanford Law  School.  The OSA provides students with a range of services and programs.  The OSA helps with both academic and personal matters, ranging from course selection or roommate issues to health matters and family emergencies and can also point students to other campus resources.  OSA serves as a liaison between students and faculty or other administrators and advocates for students and student organizations.  The OSA support and fund student organizations and journals, as well as their events.  The Office of Student Affairs host many of their own events from wellness programs to presentations on academics or the bar exam to major events such as orientation and graduation.

List of series

  • Stanford Law School Orientation Materials, 1989-2017
  • Stanford Law School Orientation Materials, 2018-Present
  • The Weekly Brief Newsletter, 1990 to 2004
  • The Weekly Brief Digital Newsletter, 2005 to Present
  •  Stanford Law School's Student Handbook, 1967-2019
  • Stanford Law School’s Journals Handbook, 2011-2019 
  • Stanford Law School Student Organization Handbook, 1999-2019
  • Convocation Ceremony, 2019-Present

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Stanford, CA 94305-8610
Phone: 650.723-2477