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Locating 50-State Surveys

This guide is intended to help you identify sources for precompiled 50-state surveys.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law (available to Stanford Law School users by personal name and password) has 50-state surveys or report builders, which allow you to compare and contrast state laws and regulations on topics ranging from antitrust (for example, state versus federal antitrust law) to health (for example, fraudulent claims).

To access, click on "Browse" in the upper left hand corner of the home page.  

Next, click on "Practice Centers."  

You will see a list of the available practice centers.  

Click on the Practice Center that encompasses your topic of interest to identify whether there is a 50-state survey or chart builder that suits your needs.  For example, you could go into "Labor & Employment."  

Under "State & Local Resources," select "State Law Report Builder."  

You can then can then select a jurisdiction(s) and topic of interest to create you report.