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Ordering Review Copies

How to order review copies from academic publishers

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Obtaining Complimentary Digital Copies

Wiley offers evaluation and desk copies of some of their books to faculty and staff who may be interested in using one for their course.

To obtain an evaluation or desk copy, first sign in to your Wiley instructor account. If you do not have a Wiley Instructor account, you will need to create one. To either log in to or create your instructor account, visit the Wiley "Evaluation and Desk Copies" page, click "log in or register" near the top, and then either log in, or register for an account.

After you have logged in, search or browse for the book you are looking for from the Wiley homepage.

Once you have found the book you are looking for you will typically have one of two options: accessing portions of the book as an "O-book," or requesting a digital evaluation copy.

Some books that are not available as a digital evaluation copy instead make portions of the book available as an "O-book." To access the selected portions as an "O-book," click on the "O-book tab," and then click "View on Wiley Online Library."


Some books are available in full as digital evaluation copies. When available, this option will appear beneath the price. Click "Request Digital Evaluation Copy" and follow the prompts from there; if approved, your digital evaluation copy will be delivered shortly.