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Citation Analysis Tools

This guide provides an overview of how to use citation analysis tools.

Westlaw Citing References

Westlaw's Law Reviews & Journals collection provides full-text access to law review and law journal articles. The citator on Westlaw is called Keycite, which you are probably familiar with using to check how subsequent cases have treated a case by viewing the citing references for the case. The process for accessing citing references for a law journal article within the Law Reviews & Journals collection is similar to accessing citing references for a case.

Step 1: Click on the "Citing References" tab to view all citations to an article.

Step 2: The citing references are sorted by type of content. In addition to seeing which law journal articles cite to the article, you can also view other legal materials such as cases and court documents that cite to the article. 


A complete list of all journals included in the Law Reviews & Journals collection is available here. Information regarding coverage dates for each publication can be viewed near the title of each individual journal.