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Stanford Law School Student Organizations and Journal Collection

Collection Description

Stanford Law School Student Organizations and Journal Collection


Stanford Law School has an active student life with a host of varied student run organizations and journals. This collection captures the various different student organizations’ events, history, and publications. All student groups fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of Student Affairs. Depending on the the student organization, receive some financial support from Office of Student. For a Student Organization to be officially recognized have the to use some of that funding, all student group must applied. The requirements are that a new student organization must not overlap with an already existing group, to have at least 12 members, and a written proposal that outlines their mission, group actives, and proposed budget. Any student organization must meet the requirements and limitations outlined in the Handbook for Student Organizations. After gaining written approval from the Office of Student Affairs. The nascent student organization is then able to elect their executive board, which allows the group to start organizing and hosting events, speakers, and programs at Stanford Law School. This collection is organized by student organization in alphabetical order.

Collection Identifier: LAW-191510


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