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Stanford Law School Student Organizations and Journal Collection

Fond Description:

Fond Description:

The Drama Society was formally founded in 1982. It main purpose is to produce musical that parodies life at Stanford Law School. Major of the students are in Stanford Law School’s program, member are is open to other graduate student. Stanford Law Student has the tradition of producing student-run productions of plays and spoofed musicals that has its originated in 1970s. There was several drama plays and humors musical skits produced by Stanford Law Students. It was not until 1983 where Bill Skzyniarz and Greg Karasik produce West Coast Story with started a crazed where students would annual produce a parody musical that was open to the public for viewing. These musical would feature students actors.

Fond Identifier Number: LAW-5107

List of Series:

  • Play and Musical Ephemera,1970-2020
  • Stanford Law School Musical Poster, 2001-2020
  • Drama Society’s Annual Musical Recordings, 1989-2021