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Stanford Law School Student Organizations and Journal Collection

Stanford Law Association

Fond Description:

The Stanford Law Association is the representative organization of the Stanford Law School Student body. Every student who enter Stanford Law School is automatically becomes a member. The executive board serves as intermediary between students’ needs and the administration of the School. Members of of the Stanford Law Association is elected annually by general election for all student.

Some of the governmental duties that Law association assists in the orientation of entering students, supervises student elections and referenda, and serves as a special advisory council to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Stanford Law Association other activity formal and semi-formal, weekly bar reviews and happy hours, intramural sports events and football game tailgates. In addition, the Law Association has co-sponsored events, like the Law School Musical and the Cinco de Mayo celebration, with other student groups.

Fond Identifier Number: LAW-51014

List of Series:

  • Administrative Records of Student Law Association, 1903-2009
  • Y.B. Newsletter, 1941-1944
  • Stanford Law School Journal Newspaper, 1970-1996
  • Stanford Law Register, 1959-1964
  • Stanford Law School Yearbook, 1966-1980
  • Law-Announce Corresponded, 2018-2020